Elisabeth & Emanuel

Schoten, België


in the press

“With the photography project ‘Break-out’, the initiators want to expose the double standard that still prevails about nudity.”

Weekend Knack - 7/3/21

“Naked in the purest sense of the word, so no frills. The underlying message: your body should never influence the judgment that someone else forms about you. Certainly not when it comes to your professional qualities.”

Gazet van Antwerpen - 11/3/21

press text

Break-Out is a digital exhibition that shows duo photos of naked people in the same frame. Break-out was born out the of incomprehension and dismay that initiators Elisabeth and Emanuel felt at the recent stories about Kaat Bollen and Tara Gins. Both women received a professionally beating for daring to show part of their bodies.

Elisabeth and Emanuel wanted to do more than just use the typical hashtag or a ‘fight the power’ on social media. They want to show what the right to physical self-determination means to them (and many others). 10 delightful people stood in front of the camera for this story. Once with, once without clothing, but always in the same pose and the same frame.

The result is a captivating story in duo photos that shows the body, clean and pure, in all its simplicity, stripped of all frills and judgment. Initially, the aim is to start the conversation or discussion. At the same time, the site is an invitation to other photographers to continue the concept in their own way: respect for that body by showing it as it is and above all: in consultation and with complete self-determination for those in front of the lens.

press photos

Out of respect for everyone who participated and to avoid seeing isolated photos of one person in a newspaper or magazine, we made a collage of all the photos from the first series. We offer them in both portrait and landscape in a format of 9000 x 3600 pixels. We provide these two photos + a social media collage for the press with out permission. The other photos on the whole website are NOT for publication, thank you for understanding.

photo series #1 - 2021 © Emanuel Maes

press photo landscape


press photo portrait


photo for social media